Vision Statement:  Eliminate overdose deaths in Lackawanna County

The Lackawanna Opioid Overdose Coalition began in February 2017; bringing together public safety and public health stakeholders, unifying under the vision of increasing cross-systems collaboration to eliminate overdose in Lackawanna County.

The Coalition meets monthly to implement initiatives outlined in a three-year strategic plan; which is available on this site.  The Coalition is comprised of a cross representation of the community including: government, medical, education, pharmacy, treatment, courts, family advocates, individuals in recovery, law enforcement and first responders.

To accomplish the goal of eliminating overdose deaths, the Coalition has organized its members into six workgroups:

(1) Treatment

(2) Stigma

(3) Community Awareness

(4) Professional Education

(5) Data Collection and Analysis

(6) Naloxone

(7) Implementing – Warm Handoff